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Reducing a life to just a few stations is not the wisest decision. Despite this here is a small overview about the steps of my life from sparking my excitement about music to releasing my first CD.

born on August, 28th of 1986 in Ludwigshafen, Germany
oldest son with a younger sister and two brothers (Jana, Daniel und Michael)

Childhood and youth:

Activity as a musician since the age of five. Starting with the piano and the violin.
1993 the seven year old one won a first price at „Jugend musiziert“. From then on he accompanied choirs and ensembles while taking a great interest in percussion instruments. First the drums later the timbal, the snare drum and then the marimba.
Marimba lessons with K. Mycka, Stuttgart


First place at nationwide „Jugend musiziert“ competetion in Hamburg in „solo drums“.
Attended „International Percussion Festival“ in St. Truiden, Belgium.
Master course with R. Seegers, first solo kettledrumer of the Berliner Philharmonie.
TV shooting for SWR (report for „Landesschau“).


Master courses with Prof. S Fink, Würzburg and Prof. P. Sadlo, Munich.
Appointment to German pre-election for the 11th „Eurovision Competition for young Musicians “ (audition and shooting for ZDF and BF).
Acceptance as (youngest) student for the master class of Prof. P. Sadlo and F. Bach at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.


Solo engagements at the The Philharmonic Orchestra of „Staatstheater Mainz“ lead by C. Rückwardt.
Since winter semester 2003/2004 student of Prof . I. Nakamura, Prof. Bayer and Prof. Heinrich at Karlsruhe's University of Music.

2004 - 2007

Solo concerts (Marimba) in Germany.
Concert tours to Spain, the Netherlands and France.
Modern ensemble pieces (e.g. Luigi Nono) in Karlsruhe and teaching activities.
Participance of „International Katarzyna-Macka-Marimba-Academy 3“ in Wroclaw, Poland.
 First own composition „Thank you“.
Conducting engagements with youth orchestra „Cäcilia“ in Ober Olm, Rhenish Hesse with concerts across the entire Rhine-Main area.

2008 - 2009

Erasmus scholarship in Poznen, Poland.
Conducting engagements in Selzen since summer 2008.
The composition „Say Goodbye“ (publisher „Soon Edition“) releases.
Diploma degree in February 2009 (final grade: 1,0).
Master degree studies since summer 2009 with Prof. I. Nakamura at Karlsruhe's University of Music. 

2010 - 2011

Passed the master degree with distinction.
The composition „Dreamin“ published by Norsk releases in cooperation with French composer Eric Sammut.
Release of his CD „Thomas Daub – Marimba Motions No. 1“.